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From affordable loans for first-time home buyers to traditional fixed and adjustable rate mortgages and jumbo loan amounts that accommodate upscale financing, we offer a wide variety of financing options.

You can count on our extensive resources, capabilities, and expertise to provide the right home loan for you.

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Choosing the right loan or line of credit is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll have to make. Whether it’s for home improvements, a new car, or college tuition, you want the best loan possible. To help you choose wisely, your Capitol Direct Lending consultant is ready with answers and expert guidance. We ensure that you experience an easy application process, get a competitive rate, excellent terms, and the right payment option.




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After you have chosen the loan option that is best for you, you can be assured that CDL Mortgage Services, Inc. will always be here to serve your financial needs. With 15 years of experience and offices spanning the western states, we are dedicated to becoming your primary choice in home finance.

The Right Solution Under Any Credit Situation

We offer the finest service and loan programs available in this industry’s competitive market.
It is our goal to provide the best financing possible for any credit situation, including:

Excellent or Bruised Credit

Bankruptcy / Foreclosure

No Income Verification

High LTV Loans

FHA / VA Loans

Cash-out / Consolidate Debt

Self Employed

Skip Two Mortgage Payments

Securing Your Home Loan
Can Be Quick and Easy!


Please, read before you start your loan application

Make sure to separate at least 5 minutes to complete the loan application form.

Have at hand updated personal and financial info of the borrower and co-borrower (if applies).

Prepare the financial details of your current loan (if applies) and the property (if available).

Any questions? Call your loan officer .

Loan Officer
Property Information (if applicable)
First Mortgage
Second Mortgage (if applicable)

Please don’t stress if you can’t find something. Just upload what you can find right now and you can send the rest of the documents via email later or check if there’s a substitute that will work.

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