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Purchasing a home has never been easier.
Allow the team at CDL to simplify the process, walk you through any obstacles, and get you qualified today!


Get a competitive interest rate quickly to lower your interest and payments, or pull cash out of your equity to use for any variety of reasons.


Need more cash per month?
If you are 62 years of age or older, a Reverse Mortgage may be just the solution for you.

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Quotes & Testimonials

Owen Austin

This team did wonders for our family twice (…). Our first home we were naive and everything that the company said we believed to be true that they could offer us the best deal. This year we had a new realtor that recommended a different lender. I did not think that it was going to matter much but it did…

I told Eli and his team that our interest rate was much higher for our second home but it was the best out there because of the ‘market’. Eli told me not to panic because this was untrue. He spoke with me professionally and in a language I could understand. He was able to work with us to lower our interest rate and not drain our savings in the process. Special thanks to Eli and Yvonne they were able to work before and after business hours due to our busy lifestyle with two full-time jobs and four kids! Love your realtor but also do your research.

U. Singh Riar

Great lender and best rates. Eli helped my friend close loan in 21 days without any issue.
Highly recommend!!

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Securing Your Home Loan
Can Be Quick and Easy!


Please, read before you start your loan application

Make sure to separate at least 5 minutes to complete the loan application form.

Have at hand updated personal and financial info of the borrower and co-borrower (if applies).

Prepare the financial details of your current loan (if applies) and the property (if available).

Any questions? Call your loan officer .

Loan Officer
Property Information (if applicable)
First Mortgage
Second Mortgage (if applicable)

Please don’t stress if you can’t find something. Just upload what you can find right now and you can send the rest of the documents via email later or check if there’s a substitute that will work.

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